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  • Norsk musikk med Sandnes Klarinettkor

    Velkommen til konsert med Sandnes klarinettkor! Dere kan se frem til konsertens tema: "norsk musikk". Det vil bli noen tradisjonelle innslag, men også urfremføring av et stykke skrevet spesielt til oss av Stig Nordhagen. Vi gleder oss!   Sandnes kirke, 16.desember, kl. 18:00

  • Jorden rundt med Sandnes Klarinettkor

    Vel møtt til konsert 28. januar kl.17.00  på Kinokino. Dirigent: Arild Mjaaland Solist: Vidar Kenneth Johansen

  • Jubileumskonsert

    Vel møtt til 30-års jubileumskonsert 11. desember kl.18.00 i Vågensalen på Vågen vgs. Det blir noe gammelt og noe nytt i tradisjonell klarinettkorånd. Dirigent: Torbjørn Bakker Solister: Benjamin Masciotta og Cyrille Mercadier    

  • Vil du gi din støtte?

    Vil du gi din støtte til Sandnes Klarinettkor? Grasrotandelen er en ordning fra Norsk Tipping, hvor du som registrert spiller kan velge et lag eller forening som du ønske å støtte - din Grasrotmottaker. Ved spill hos Norsk Tipping (unntatt Extra og Flax) vil 5 % av innsatsen gå direkte til din ...

Here you will find everything there is to know about the CD “Reeds in the Wind”: The musicians, solists, conducters, music samples, pictures etc.


01: Hungarian Impressions
02: Himlen i min famn
03: Tribute to Youth
04: Suite no. 1
05: If You Leave Me Now
06: Wind in the Reeds
07: Hjartesår
08: Fuge in g minor
09: Norsk suite
10: Romanian Folk Dances
11: Jeg råde vil alle i ungdommens dage

Reeds in the Wind can be bought in the music shop Ivar Skei Musikkhandel in Sandnes, Norway or online at many places including Amazon, Itunes, Platekompaniet and cdon. Pictures on the right side are from the CD cover.

Sandnes Clarinet Choir

Sandnes Clarinet Choir’s first CD publication was “Windyvision” (2005). Accordingly, the publication of “Reeds in the Wind” succeeds the former CD. The current CD publicationdocument long-term work done in the service of culture, aiming at establishing an inclusive community characterized by trust and confidence. A state of harmony will acquire expansion of harmony, which, further, will show signs of harmonious creativity; the harmony we wish to experience and contribute to.

 Throughout the years one of the clarinet choir’s aims has been to extend the clarinettists’ repertoire, a development we have been part of through dedicated compositions and music  arranged for clarinett choir.

The “Clari network”established with our friends from France brings reciprocal inspiration about, it makes raised competence possible, and we are gaining an insight into each other’s clarinet methodology and teaching.

Hopefully, the recent CD publication, “Reeds in the Wind”, will encourage younger clarinettists to continue rehearsing.

Sandnes Clarinet Choir
Halvor Lunde


Eb clarinet:
Benjamin Masciotta

1st clarinet:
Torbjørn Bakker, Ingrid Lund Iversen, Ingvild Birgitte Bjørnevik, Elisabeth Haukland Westlye, Tone Omdal

2nd clarinet:
Gregory Demailly, Sonja Beate Egge, Maiken Joachimsen, Hanne Julie Tønnessen, Guro Kyllesø Ådland, Anna Kyllesø Bakker, Elisabeth Sørnes, Øystein Sørnes, Elisabeth Sirevåg, Marie Terese Øglænd, Ingrid Marie Undheim, Hege Fossan Petersen

3rd clarinet:
Anne Karin Ternowitz, Benedikte Skjæveland Larsen, Ida Øvrebø Refsland, Tone Vatne Rønningsen, Steinar Løgith Aase, Hilde Fotland, Ingeborg Lura

4th clarinet:
Karoline Presthus, Solvor Hauge, Klara Øverland, Hanne Brit Hetland, Eivind Kristoffer Meling, Hanna Maria Wiborg, Camilla Kjelkenes, Siv Kristin Edland Eikrem, Maria Cabrol

Gyro Dahle Dragsnes, Elise Haga

Bass clarinet:
Ragnhild Hyldmo, Siri Marie Erland, Per-Harald Molvig, Laurent Ben Slimane,
Tore Høiland Aarrestad, Kjartan Djønne, Kine Bøe

Contrabass clarinet:
Maren Emilie Vignes, Cyrille Mercadier

Sverre Stakston Olsrud – Halvor Lunde

Biographies about the solists

Sverre Stakston Olsrud (1967) is appointed solo euphonium player in the Staff Band of the Norwegian Army. He studied for his career at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, where he achieved top mark in his degree exam in 1991. Sverre was a pioneer in his field when he accomplished his debut concert in 1995, and in 1999 he was assigned the international title “Euphonium Player of the Year”. He has been touring Norway and abroad as soloist player, and several compositions have been dedicated to him. Besides playing euphonium, he is a well known conductor and teacher. Sverre’s former employers were the Universities of Oslo, Tromsø and Stavanger, in addition to The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. For the present he is teaching in the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

Ragnhild Thu (1987) grew up at Bryne in southwest Norway. For the time beeing she is engaged in
music-, religion- and leadership studies at the University College in Staffeldtsgate in Oslo. She is in her 2nd year of classical music studies, and voice is her primary instrument. Lundehaugen upper secondary school preceded her college education in Oslo, where she was acquainted with Sandnes Clarinet Choir. She contributed to the choir’s concert in connection with their CD publication in 2005.

Ebbe Sivertsen’s (1966) all-round qualities as musician make him a content musician. Ever since he began his career in Stavanger Symphony Orchestra in 1990, he has also contributed to a countless number of chamber music projects and theatrical performances. Ebbe plays salsa an jazz as well as pop, contemporary- or classical music. His saying ” Every musician should experience any genre of music available for one’s instrument” is often quoted. Ebbe is teaching music in upper secondary school in Stavanger too. He has been conducting performances of local bands and big bands frequently. In recent years Ebbe has also been engaged in composing and arranging music for performance.

Ingrid Kjosavik (1978) from Stavanger is a singer who began her career studying music at Lundehaugen upper secondary school and afterwards jazz improvisation at the University of Stavanger. She joined Ian Adams Musical Masterclass from 1997-2000. Ingrid received the SR-bank Sandnes prize 1997. She was Soulmates’ vocalist, she has been singing together with Sandnes Big Band and Stavanger Big Band for women, among others, in addition to several performances as soloist. Ingrid has contributed to a lot of CD recordings, solo as well as background vocal. She recently contributed to Ragnar Bjerkreim’s “Blått sug” with “KOR Z”, and to Stavanger Gospel Company’s CD. Ingrid is performing within various genres of music, preferably pop, soul, jazz and gospel.

Laurent Ben Slimane (1975) studied in Tours and Paris, and he received several awards troughout his student years. He is young, but all the same he has been practising with several respected orchestras in France and England. In 2005 he was appointed solo bass clarinettist in the Philharmonia Orchestra of London. Laurent is teaching at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and at the Academia Musicale Internazionale in Assisi in Italy. On occasion Laurent has been visiting Sandnes Clarinet Choir as soloist as well as member of the clarinet ensemble Ailleur5. In 2007/2008 Ailleru5 carried through a “Concerts Norway” tour in Aust-Agder.

Reeds in the wind

1. Hungarian Impressions / Jan Van der Roost / arr. Maarten Jense
2. Himlen i min famn / Carola Häggkvist / arr. Arild Mjaaland / Vocal: Ingrid Kjosavik
3. Tribute to Youth / Halvor Lunde
4. Suite no. 1 / Vaclav Nelhybel
5. If You Leave Me Now / Peter Cetera / arr. Arild Mjaaland / Trombone: Ebbe Sivertsen
6. Wind in the Reeds / Gordon Jacob
        1. March 2. Humoreske 3. A Childhood Memory 4. Ballet Russe
7. Hjartesår / Edvard Grieg op. 34 nr. 1 / arr. Steinar Eielsen
8. Fuge in g minor / J.S. Bach / arr. Elton Curry
9. Norsk suite / arr. Steinar Eielsen / Bass clarinet : Laurent Ben Slimane
        1. Springar 2. Jeg lagde meg så silde 3. Brureslått
10. Romanian Folk Dances / Bela Bartok / arr. Maarten Jense
        1. Stick Dance 2. Sash Dance 3. Stamping Dance 4. Horn ‘Bucium’ Dance 5. Romanian Polka
        6. Fast Dance 7. Fast Dance
11. Jeg råde vil alle i ungdommens dage / Folketone fra Romsdal / arr. Steinar Eielsen /
        Vocal: Ragnhild Thu / Ocarina : Cyrille Mercadier

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 conducted by Sverre Stakston Olsrud. Tracks 2 and 4 conducted by Halvor Lunde.

Percussion tracks 5 and 11: Tommi Haukland.

Background vocal track 2: Maiken Joachimsen, Elisabeth Haukland Westlye and Ingrid Kjosavik.

CD reviews

44 klarinetter, terningkast 5 i Stavanger Aftenblad

Variert fra 44 klarinettister, NMF Ambis

Klarinetter i kor, Kommuniké

Music samples

 01: Hungarian Impressions
 02: Himlen i min famn
 03: Tribute to Youth
 04: Suite no. 1
 05: If You Leave Me Now
 06: Wind in the Reeds
 07: Hjartesår
 08: Fuge in g minor
 09: Norsk suite
 10: Romanian Folk Dances
 11: Jeg råde vil alle i ungdommens dage

Pictures from the recording days


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